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Friends Are More Fun in Person

Do you like to message with your friends on a tablet or a phone? Maybe you like to play video games together online. These activities are fun, but you should make sure to only do them when you can’t get together in person. When you interact in person, you can get exercise and go for adventures that will make better memories than being on a tablet or phone. Here are some great things you can do together with your friends this summer.

Make plans to visit a water park or beach. As long as there’s a lifeguard on duty, playing in the pool is a safe and healthy way to use up your energy. If you don’t like being in the water, you can go to the sand area and build castles using your imagination!

Organize a neighborhood footrace. You can add in obstacles like Hula-Hoops or basketball layups to make sure it’s not just about who is the fastest. No pushing!

Draw a chalk mural on blacktop. Work with your friends to make one giant design, like a smiley face, animal or even a dragon. Check the weather beforehand to make sure it’s not going to rain.

Build a fort. If it’s a rainy day and your parents are OK with it, use cardboard, pillows and bedsheets to build a fort in your living room. Make sure all your friends know the secret password so no one feels left out.

Join a sports team. Playing soccer or touch football is a great way to build teamwork with your friends. Not only will you have fun, you’ll learn to work toward a goal together.
Have fun!


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