During the Civil War, paper notes of 3, 5, 10, 25, and 50 cents were printed. Why? People were hoarding coins for their value.
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Joining a Credit Union
Who can join a credit union? Anyone can join a credit union! But there are some rules about which credit union you are allowed to join.

Members are united by a common bond of association. This means that they have something in common. This "common bond of association" is how a credit union's field of membership is decided.

A field of membership is a group of people who qualify as members of a credit union, limited by law to those who have a common bond. For example, a field of membership can be made of people who:

  • Work for the same company
  • Live in the same city, county, or zip code area
  • Attend or work at the same school

Ask your parents why they belong to their credit union!


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